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Cudjoe Key lies 23 miles from Key West and is 5.24 square miles in area. 1,555 people live there. Two theories of where the name came from exist. One is the Joewood Tree that is indigenous which is called Cudjoewood in the Bahamas.  The other which seems more likely is that it was named after a fugitive slave or free Negro who lived on the key prior to 1849.  "Cudjoe" is a West African name.  
Approaching Cudjoe Key you will see a white blimp in the sky.  The blimp is called a radar aerostat, and is permanently attached by a cable which is on a site established by the Air Force in 1959 to track missiles.  Currently the blimp is used to interdict drug smugglers. 

Cudjoe Key is pretty laid back, with few commercial establishments. There are a couple of good restaurants one is the Square Grouper on US 1 and Boun Appetito Ristorante located at the Cudjoe Gardens Marina. Cudjoe Key is a great place to live if you love warm weather, boating, fishing and the ocean.  ​
Big Coppitt Key lies 10 miles east of Key West in between Rockland Key to the West and the high ended gated community of Shark Key to the east. The key is irregular shape, approximately 1 ½ miles long by ½ mile wide. Big Coppitt sits primarily on the Gulf side of US 1 and is composed of residential neighborhoods aside from some commercial establishments along US 1. There are a couple of gas station/convenience stores, and a family style casual restaurant named Bobalu's. The are two churches and the Southern Key Cemetery. Being on the Gulf side there is excellent boating access to the Back Country, a favorite recreational area with beaches and uninhabited out islands.

Real estate here is less expensive than in Key West and is a popular area not only for young families but also military personnel - not being far from Boca Chica Naval Air Station.
Stock Island is an island in the Lower Florida Keys immediately east of Key West (separated from Key West by Cow Key Channel) in Monroe County, Florida. The population is approximately 4,500.  Supposedly it was named for herds of livestock formerly kept there. Currently it is an island of transition and contrast.  The northern side of Stock Island which is incorporated into the City of Key West is home to the Key West Golf Course with its gated residential community, Florida Keys Community College, Tennessee Williams Center for the Performing Arts, Key West Botanical Gardens, Lower Keys Medical Center and the Monroe County Detention Center.
Lower Florida Keys Real Estate
Key Haven is an island 1 mile east of Key West, considered the Lower Florida Keys, and was formerly known as Raccoon Key.  Development of this single family residential community began in the late 1950´s by Kirby McLain. Arthur Lujan later became the primary developer finishing out the middle and back sections.  Key Haven was built by the dredge and fill method, reclaiming shallow bay bottom to create residential lots on boating canals.  In 1964 the lots were being offered for $3,000.  In 1972 there was a big jump in prices as the State of Florida outlawed any further dredge and fill development.  Today the few lots that remain for sale sell for far more then the original $3,000.  Key Haven is one of Key West's best communities for raising a family, quiet and away from the night life. Many Key West professional living and working in the community choose to make this their home. The majority of homes are waterfront and because this community is Gulf-side, have the sunset view.  Homes are mostly 2-4 bedrooms and have easy access to ocean side by boat under the Cow Key Bridge.  Key Haven is only minutes away from Key West, but offer a unique opportunity for single family home ownership on  waterfront lots away from the hustle and bustle.

Once the economy improves their are plans  for the last undeveloped area closest to US 1, on Key Haven.  There will be a total of 43 luxury single-family Key West style homes built.  In addition, 10,000 square feet will be set aside for commercial development.  The Lower Florida Keys will take full advantage of this commercial area which will sit behind the gas station on US 1. Blending well with the existing 475 residential homes on Key Haven, the Key Haven Civic Association endorses this development and I'm sure many of these homes will be purchased by residents of the Key West community.